Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster Operations

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    Dauer: 4 Tage
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Über das Seminar

This four-day course is the first step in learning about Containers and Kubernetes Fundamentals and Cluster Operations. Through a series of lectures and lab exercises, the fundamental concepts of containers and Kubernetes are presented and put to practice by containerizing and deploying a two-tier application into Kubernetes.

Der Abschluss des Kurses berechtigt Sie zur Teilnahme an der Prüfung zum VMware Certified Professional – Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations (VCP-TKO).

Bitte beachten Sie: Dies ist ein Seminar, das wir an ausgewählten Terminen sowohl in unserem Trainingscenter als auch als Virtual Classroom anbieten. Mit Ihrer Buchung erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, während des Seminars gefilmt zu werden.


  • Containers
    • What and why containers
    • Building images
    • Running containers
    • Registry and image management
  • Kubernetes Overview
    • Kubernetes project
    • Plugin interfaces
    • Building Kubernetes
    • Kubectl CLI
  • Beyond Kubernetes Basics
    • Kubernetes objects
    • YAML
    • Pods, replicas, and deployments
    • Services
    • Deployment management
    • Rolling updates
    • Controlling deployments
    • Pod and container configurations
  • Kubernetes Networking
    • Networking within a pod
    • Pod-to-Pod Networking
    • Services to Pods
    • ClusterIP, NodePort, and LoadBalancer
    • Ingress controllers
    • Service Discovery via DNS
  • Stateful Applications in Kubernetes
    • Stateless versus Stateful
    • Volumes
    • Persistent volumes claims
    • StorageClasses
    • StatefulSets
  • Additional Kubernetes Considerations
    • Dynamic configuration
    • ConfigMaps
    • Secrets
    • Jobs, CronJobs
  • Security
    • Network policy
    • Applying a NetworkPolicy
    • SecurityContext
    • runAsUser/Group
    • Service accounts
    • Role-based access control
  • Logging and Monitoring
    • Logging for various objects
    • Sidecar logging
    • Node logging
    • Audit logging
    • Monitoring architecture
    • Monitoring solutions
    • Octant
    • VMware vRealize® Operations Manager™
  • Cluster Operations
    • Onboarding new applications
    • Backups
    • Upgrading
    • Drain and cordon commands
    • Impact of an upgrade to running applications
    • Troubleshooting commands
    • VMware Tanzu™ portfolio overview


  • Anyone who is preparing to build and run Kubernetes clusters


  • Linux concepts and command line proficiency
  • General networking proficiency


Dieses Seminar bereitet auf folgende Zertifizierung vor:


Dieses Seminar bereitet auf folgende Prüfung vor:

  • 2V0-71.23: VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations Professional